PetChoy new logo and visual identity X M — N Associates
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PetChoy new logo and visual identity X M — N Associates

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March 3, 2024

In Saigon, Vietnam, pets may get on PetChoy's tasty meal plans. PetChoy's mission is to help pet owners take better care of their pets by giving them reliable information on pet nutrition and health. PetChoy's new, improved packaging is largely responsible for the company's quick growth after M — N Associates helped them rebrand.

PetChoy new logo inspiration closer look
PetChoy new logo concept
Our approach is a complete transformation for local pet food brands to compete with international ones in visual and content direction, and targeting new customer types like urbanist and GenZ. The new logo is a purely typographic design from TT Trailers with characteristic inktraps inspired by happy wagging tails. Combined with "pet's choice" and "pet's joy", we want to visualize the happy choice of a pet when knowing they're getting PetChoy for mealtime.

PetChoy case study, by M — N Associates

Characters and icons were utilized to differentiate between the cat and dog lines of products; specifically, the cats and dogs characters were developed with as minimal detail as possible and fitted gently inside the A's negative space. To further aid in product differentiation, a solid and easily identifiable icon set was created.

Petchoy packaging colors Inspired by food core ingredients
Petchoy packaging colors Inspired by food core ingredients

While most pet food packaging has cute animal photos, they decided to switch things up by using a typographic arrangement where “Bữa Ăn Tươi” takes center stage, sending a clear statement about what PetChoy is all about and setting it apart from the competition. With the help of the paw and the dog/cat emblem, you'll know exactly what this product is for, and the restaurant ticket design will explain for you all the meal details.

Petchoy's packaging has typography in TT Trailers and Fragen Italic
Petchoy's packaging has typography in TT Trailers and Fragen Italic

ADC 101, Dieline Awards 2022, Pentawards 2022, and Communication Arts 2023 all honored PetChoy with awards.


Creative Director: Duy — N, Anh Nguyễn | Content Director: Quân Nguyễn | Social Art Director: Anh Phạm | Designer: Quân Nguyễn, Anh Phạm | Web Designer: Anh Nguyễn | Producer / Project Manager: Quân Nguyễn, M — Lan | Typography: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​TT Trailers Petchoyby TypeType | Fragenby The Designer Foundry VT323,Nunito Google Fonts | Photography: Wing Chan (Lifestyle / Food / Portfolio) | Stylist: Meo Thùy Dương (Lifestyle / Food) | Digital Retoucher: An Nguyễn

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Brand name
Pet Food
Founded year
Vietnam Market Entry
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June 2021
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