PLASTICPeople latest logo and identity designed by Rice Creative
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The plastic age has arrived

PLASTICPeople latest logo and identity designed by Rice Creative

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March 10, 2024

The year 2019 saw the beginning of production at the PLASTICPeople facility, whose mission is to reduce the negative impact that plastic waste has on the environment and society. The PLASTICPeople plant relies only on post-consumer and production waste as its raw material supply. This waste is collected from a wide variety of locations, including traditional scrap collectors as well as contributions from institutions like schools and businesses. They have been collaborating with Rice Studios to develop a unified brand identity, along with concise messaging and distinctive commercial items.

We are PLASTIC People - Logo animation in different languages
We are PLASTIC People - Logo animation in different languages

Noting that plastic should not be a problem, and that plastic can be a material of hope, PLASTICPeople show us by example, how to “save the plastic.” Just one of the many whose imagination was sparked by the actions of PLASTICPeople, Joshua Breidenbach, co-founder of Rice, named and gave identity to PLASTICPeople in hopes to make them a household name. Rice continues to build upon the identity with simplistic and impactful messaging and design as the group seeks to bring its operation into a world-wide scale, through education, awareness, and action.

PLASTICPeople matreials - source

PLASTICPeople have classified themselves as material and solution company for the previous three years. Dissatisfied with the misuse of plastic and the ineffectiveness of recycling, the founders of PLASTICPeople wondered how they might do better. They got to work, using their creativity, punk attitude, and knowledge of science to come up with ways to make very useful materials out of any and all waste plastic on the planet. This turned trash into things that could be sold and would last for hundreds of years. 

PLASTICPeople 3rd Birthday Party celebration
PLASTICPeople 3rd Birthday Party celebration

The PLASTICPeople Sample box is the brand's first commercially available product, and it was designed to showcase the adaptability, aesthetic appeal, and functional excellence of the brand's signature up-cycled plastics. The sample box itself is a representation of the materials' potential, having been built entirely from the samples themselves. Because it is the only thing the firm sells with its name on it, the box had to be a powerful communication piece. It has the organization's logo, lettermark, call to action, and mission statement carved into each of its four sides. In addition, the box received a bronze PENTAWARD for sustainable packaging design.

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Plastics Manufacturing
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Vietnam Market Entry
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September 2019
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