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AVT International new logo and visual identity X Creatalk

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June 22, 2023

AVT, founded in 2016, is an interior design and construction company that tells stories through the arrangement of space. Combining efficiency with aesthetics, they create friendly, comfortable, and inspiring experiences. With projects all over Vietnam and abroad in Cambodia, AVT needed a rebrand to better fit with new clients and stay ahead in the industry. Partnering with Creatalk, they embarked on a transformation journey to differentiate themselves from competitors.

AVT internationl new logo
AVT internationl new logo.

To better align with new local and international clients and stay ahead in the industry, AVT required a visual identity transformation. Creatalk proposed a brand strategy that incorporated additional competency value (efficiency) and service value (aesthetics) while retaining AVT's core values.

The inspiration for the new AVT logo
The inspiration for the new AVT logo.

AVT's previous logo, a geometric abstract letter A, was simplistic and more suitable for less ambitious construction companies. Creatalk developed an elegant typographic approach with custom letters that retained the uniqueness of the old logo. The "avt" wordmark is centrally positioned within a container inspired by the principles of layout and arrangement in architecture and interior design.

Snapshot of the New AVT Logo and Branding Guidelines
Snapshot of the new AVT logo and branding guidelines.

Creatalk's extensive visual identity transformation included new typefaces, colors, patterns, and specialized material textures. These elements successfully enhanced AVT's brand touchpoints, from company websites, profiles, and gifts to uniforms.

The fresh look of AVT branded items
The fresh look of AVT branded items.

The rebranding journey not only changed AVT's appearance but also marked the beginning of a new chapter in their quest to provide clients with a more professional, fresher image. Creatalk helped AVT realize their transformation potential and adapt to the needs of global clients.

With Creatalk's assistance, AVT International successfully underwent a rebranding journey that resulted in a new brand identity. The refreshed logo, visual identity system, and strategy now allow AVT to tell stories through space, positioning them for continued success in the interior design and construction industry.

AVT's new profile design includes new visual identity elements.
AVT's new profile design includes new visual identity elements.


Project Management Team: Vy Nguyen, Hieu Duong | Strategist: Nghia Pham | Creative Team: Khoi Pham, Sang Nguyen, Thuy Ninh, My Du

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