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The most recent branding and logo for Gong Cha Vietnam
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The most recent branding and logo for Gong Cha Vietnam

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Last updated on
November 23, 2023

Gong Cha means "to serve the Emperor the finest tea from all possessions." It stands for the greatest level of excellence and self-expectation. Gong cha first opened in Taiwan in 2006, expanded into the Vietnamese market in 2014, and now has more than 40 locations around the country.

Wordmark virations for Gong Cha
Wordmark virations for Gong Cha

“Brewing Happiness” evokes what each of us does every day in every Gong cha store around the world. We create happy moments for all of our customers, neighbors and employees, by bringing together premium ingredients and a warm smile to create a masterpiece of tea in very cup. Brewing Happiness also communicates our philosophy of “inspiring the human spirit and creating happiness.”

Gong Cha brand concept

Gong Cha brand patterns

The four components that make up excellent tea have been reduced into patterns, resulting in representations of Gong cha that may be utilized for a variety of purposes.

The atmosphere and design of Gong Cha

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Gong Cha Vietnam
Tea Shop Franchise
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Vietnam Market Entry
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Brand Refresh
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January 2018
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Gong Cha Vietnam
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