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Xanh SM Taxi new logo and visual identity

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The cyan fleet in service

Xanh SM Taxi new logo and visual identity

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Last updated on
June 24, 2023

Launched in 2023 and founded by Vingroup Chairman Pham Nhat Vuong, Xanh SM Taxi, also known as GMS, embodies the phrase "Green - Smart - Mobility," reflecting the company's dedication to green energy and intelligent transportation solutions. As Vietnam's first-ever pure electric taxi company, Xanh SM Taxi operates in two main areas: electric taxis and VinFast car and motorbike rental services. With an ambitious investment scale of 10,000 cars and 100,000 motorbikes, this trailblazing taxi brand aims to revolutionize passenger transportation services in the country.

Xanh SM Taxi main logo

Xanh SM Taxi sets itself apart through its dedication to providing passengers with a sustainable, green, and technologically advanced transportation experience. By exclusively using VinFast electric vehicles, they've successfully eliminated the need for gasoline, reducing emissions and engine noise while ensuring a comfortable ride for passengers. Coupled with well-trained and professional drivers, Xanh SM Taxi delivers a 5-star service quality. This emphasizes the company's commitment to eco-friendly practices and a sustainable future, while also contributing to the country's ambition to achieve its net zero greenhouse gas emission targets by 2050.

The Vinfast car fleet of Xanh SM Taxi

"Xanh" (pronounced "sahn") is a Vietnamese word that translates to "green" in English. However, the word "xanh" is often used in a broader sense in Vietnamese, where it can refer to shades of blue and green, including turquoise and teal. Despite this, the name "Xanh SM Taxi" has encountered some challenges compared to its competitors. Some customers have started focusing on the prominent color used in the branding and call them "Cyan taxi." This might cause confusion, as the color could easily be adopted by another brand, such as the food delivery unicorn, Baemin, which uses a similar color tone. Additionally, there are those who refer to the brand as "Vinfast taxis," since all the company's vehicles are supplied by Vinfast. This suggests that the brand identity might need a little boost to truly stand out on its own.

The design of Xanh SM Taxi's car and driver uniform

The brand identity features the Cyan color, which is a blend of green and blue, symbolizing the fusion of green energy and intelligent technology. As for the logo, there's no official explanation for its symbolism yet. From our perspective, we can see a bird, wings, and the letter "V" within the logomark. We're eager to learn more about the intended meaning behind the design in the future. However, it should be mentioned that the logo could benefit from extra personality and an improved typeface that offers more balanced typography, as it appears somewhat outdated for a trailblazing company in 2023.

Xanh SM Taxi's event digital background design

When it comes to other identity components, there seems to be minimal focus on creating a cohesive and memorable brand image, as they primarily use basic vector backdrops of cities or green energy elements that are frequently seen elsewhere. Xanh SM Taxi has mainly relied on the Cyan color for its identity across all communication channels and brand touchpoints, such as vehicle colors, uniforms, and digital apps. The fresh color indeed succeeds in rapidly attracting attention and standing out; however, it may not be enough to establish a strong brand presence in the highly competitive market.

The design of the Xhan SM Taxi opening ceremony's spaker stage.

Xanh SM Taxi's innovative approach to transportation has motivated other companies like Ahamove, Baemin, Be Group, Golden Swallow, and Vinasun to adopt electric vehicles in their services. This trend is anticipated to expand, fostering a greener and more sustainable transportation ecosystem throughout Vietnam.

The eye-catching cyan color of Xanh SM Taxi

All in all, The fresh business concept of Xanh SM Taxi, combined with its eye-catching cyan color, effectively helps people identify the brand quickly. However, a little more attention to the branding design wouldn't hurt. By refining their brand identity, the company can forge an even stronger connection with customers and truly distinguish itself from competitors in the transportation landscape. With Xanh SM Taxi's unwavering commitment to green energy and smart transportation, the right branding strategy could make a world of difference in the Vietnamese market.

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