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Ahamove new logo and visual identity X Direction Co.
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Ahamove new logo and visual identity X Direction Co.

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Last updated on
June 11, 2023

Ahamove, an on-demand logistics platform for trucks and bikes, was founded in 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with a mission to transform the logistics industry by innovating instant order matching, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, 24/7 services, and driver ratings. The company connects suppliers and consumers, capitalizing on excess capacity in the economy to create value for suppliers and reduce the cost for consumers. Ahamove aims to create the best customer experience by making delivery easier, faster, safer, and funnier! After using the same logo for five years, Ahamove decided to refresh its brand identity in 2022 to build a more youthful, innovative, and modern image. Ahamove intrduoce new brand refresh in 2022, which uesd almost dame logo that Direction branding agency designed originally in 2017.

The unveiling of Ahamove's new, refreshed identity
The unveiling of Ahamove's new, refreshed identity

Ahamove is one of the most professional and prestigious inner-city delivery units in Vietnam, constantly improving and innovating to bring customers and partners the best experience. The company aims to become one of the quality delivery units reaching the region, bringing a better life to Vietnamese people. Ahamove's core values are innovation, agility, and companionship. The company values innovation in the way of serving customers and partners, innovating products and services, faster delivery, and problem-solving. Ahamove's brand identity demonstrates these values and embodies the company's vision and mission.

Ahamove Da Nang office

As part of its brand refresh campaign, Ahamove has updated its logo. The new logo retains the vibrant orange color that symbolizes the power of creativity, development, innovation, and the company's commitment to serving and dedicating more to the Vietnamese people. The speed ghost symbol, which represents the fast and reliable nature of the Ahamove brand, is also preserved. However, the letter "M" in the previous logo has been replaced with a lowercase "m" in the new version, giving the brand a softer and more youthful feel, while also making the appearance and name of the brand more transparent. The new logo is consistent with Ahamove's core values and mission, and it reflects the company's desire for a professional, modern, and technological image. The Direction Branding Agency designed the original logo in 2017, which served as the foundation for the new logo's design, which aims to standardize and modernize the brand's image.

Ahamove's new logo has appeared on the truck, box tapes, and uniforms.
Ahamove's new logo has appeared on the truck, box tapes, and uniforms.

The new logo symbolizes the company's commitment to innovation, agility, and companionship, which crystallize together in the message "Delivery Peak". This message reflects not only the values that the team pursues, but also the values ​​that Ahamove commits to bring to customers and partners. The design refresh aims to create a more premium, special, and modern look for Ahamove, ensuring that the company's brand identity matches its core values, mission, and vision.

Ahamove many cargo vans with the new branded decal layout
Ahamove many cargo vans with the new branded decal layout

Ahamove's brand touchpoints have been revamped with the new logo and brand identity. The company's website, mobile application, uniforms, and vehicles have been updated to reflect the new brand identity. Ahamove's website features the new logo, along with new images, fonts, and color schemes that create a cohesive and modern look. The mobile application has also been updated to match the new brand identity, with the new logo prominently displayed on the home screen. Ahamove's uniforms and vehicles have been redesigned to feature the new logo, creating a cohesive look across all brand touchpoints. The new brand identity ensures that Ahamove's brand is consistent and recognizable across all touchpoints, creating a stronger brand image in the minds of customers and partners.

The design of Ahamove electric delivery bike with delivery worker
The design of Ahamove electric delivery bike with delivery worker

The new logo and brand touchpoints create a more youthful, modern, and innovative image for Ahamove, while also reflecting the company's core values and mission. The updated brand identity will help Ahamove to continue to stand out in a crowded and competitive market and create a stronger emotional connection with its customers and partners.

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