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VPBank with Be Group introduced the Cake sub-brand X Rice Studios
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Expect the unexpected

VPBank with Be Group introduced the Cake sub-brand X Rice Studios

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Last updated on
August 17, 2023

Cake is a digital bank and considers as a product under VPBank and Be Group. Cake provides all services like a traditional bank, even easier and faster. You can open a bank account in just 2 mins anywhere using the phone app. With help from Rice Studios, Cake gets an unexpected visual identity in a good way for good reasons. Usually, financial services are focus on an older target audience. In our case, this is not the case! We got more vibrant colours, friendly and creative characteristics that attract a younger audience, which is the main goal of brand communications.

Cake logo
Cake by VPBank logo

Cake app's ui look and feel

Banking is easier with Cake. The Cake brand leverages the bank's simplified experience and no-nonsense services in a manner that's equally stripped-down, engaging and easy to understand.The bold, unexpected application of color and typography were chosen to portray Cake's cold-shoulder towards the tired aesthetic and procedures offered by the traditional financial services. Cake is on a mission to reinvent the banking experience for the cultures and lifestyles of today.

Speaker from Cake launch conference

Brand name
Cake by VPBank
Digital Banking
Financial Services
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Vietnam Market Entry
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Release date
January 2021
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Cake by VPBank
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