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Shadow Lounge logo and visual identity X The Lab Saigon
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Shadow Lounge logo and visual identity X The Lab Saigon

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August 11, 2023

Opening its doors in 2022, Shadow Lounge is a café-lounge that encourages artistic creation. Located at Sun Life Vietnam's De La Sól, a mixed-concept space, they promote themselves as a space that spotlights local creativity. They host meetings, exhibitions, and events in addition to serving coffee, beverages, and baked goods. They support and honor local creatives by curating and retailing their unseen, unfamiliar, and unknown work. The brand's visual identity was designed by The Lab Saigon team led by Tuan Le and Quang Vinh.

 Shadow Lounge's branding process
Shadow Lounge's branding process

The spirit of exploration and experimentation is at the heart of Shadow Lounge's branding process. From coal to light, the team pushed the boundaries of what was possible in their quest to create a brand that embodied their distinct vision. This experiential approach is clearly reflected in the final design, with the logo and other graphic elements capturing the essence of the Shadow Lounge experience. The team eventually settled on an in-between version of the logo that perfectly balanced usability and uniqueness.

Shadow Lounge's fascinating logotypes
Shadow Lounge's fascinating logotypes

Shadow Lounge's final logo consists of two fascinating logotypes. The first logo is a wide-form wordmark that has been styled with some stretched letters, creating a distinctive visual impact that works exceptionally well in some formats such as a reel of tape. The second logotype is a smaller version of the name's initial character, "S," with a curvy shape and interesting halftone visual treatments to the edges. This combination of two formats enables more versatility in the use of different channels and contexts, ensuring that the Shadow Lounge brand is visible and captivating across all touchpoints.

Shadow Lounge's workwear design

The sleek and sophisticated color palette of black, grey, and dark maroon defines Shadow Lounge's visual identity. These colors are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also complement the lounge's interior design. The harmony between these colors is evident from the workwear design to other brand applications such as gift cards, coasters, takeaway cups, and food boxes, creating a cohesive and memorable visual identity.

Shadow Lounge menu design

Shadow's dedication to using natural and creative ingredients is reflected in their menu, which includes striking and engaging photography of their food and drinks. Shadow Lounge's menu and posters, created in collaboration with Kh Qua Studio, a photography and visual studio within The Lab Saigon, showcase their unique take on food and drink photography, elevating their brand identity and setting them apart from the competition.

Shadow Lounge is a cafe lounge. But it’s also a space to spotlight local creativity, from baristas and chefs to designers and artists. Specifically, we wanted to show what happens behind the scenes of any creative process: from cooking to design.

Shadow Lounge branding case study

Curating and retailing local artists' unseen work at Shadow Lounge

Shadow Lounge is a place that supports all forms of local creativity. The brand's visual identity meets the business's purpose and ambition. Shadow Lounge is a brand that will definitely leave its mark on the creative community in Vietnam.

Interior design of the Shadow Lounge
Interior design of the Shadow Lounge


Creative Director: Tuan Le, Quang Vinh | Branding Design: Xuan Phan, Trang Dinh, Tuan Ha, Jun Kohmura, Nghi Tran | Product Design: Hung Le, Tram Dang | Illustrator: Chuong Pham | Production: Kai Le, Tin Do | Strategic Partnership Director: Phuong Anh Nguyen | Strategic Partnership Manager: Anh Nguyen | Strategic Partnership: Duy Lam | Photographer: Kho Qua Studio | Documentation: Xuan Phan, Chuong Pham | Production: Lab Rad

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Café Lounge
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September 2022
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