Saigon Bank - SCB new logo and identity X Freshbrand
SCB - Saigon Bank
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Saigon Bank - SCB new logo and identity X Freshbrand

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June 11, 2023

Saigon Bank - SCB Bank is the result of a merger between three banking institutions in the wake of a major economic recession in Vietnam in the early 2010s and 2012. These institutions were Ficombank, TinNghia Bank, and Saigon Joint-Stock Commercial Bank. The SCB Bank case was the initial driver for a wave of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the banking industry after the state bank pushed for the strategy of total restructuring of banks with substantial and weak bad debts. The ultimate goal is to merge all branches of SCB Bank into a single organization. With over 239 locations, the bank can compete with the largest national banks in terms of its local and commercial presence. The impact of SCB has been rather modest. FreshBrand's team had to overcome the difficulty of settling on a single brand identity for them.

Saigon bank - SCB logo
Saigon bank - SCB logo
Saigon bank - SCB bank opening
Saigon bank - SCB Bank is reopening with a new look.
SCB - Saigon Bank brand assets and applications
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SCB - Saigon Bank brand evolution
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SCB - Saigon Bank's visual identity and design awards
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Brand name
SCB - Saigon Bank
Financial Services
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Vietnam Market Entry
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Project context
Brand Refresh
Release date
October 2018
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