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Lien Viet Post Bank latest logo and visual identity
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One and only postel bank

Lien Viet Post Bank latest logo and visual identity

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Last updated on
June 11, 2023

First opening its doors in 2008 under the name Lien Viet Bank, the name was changed to Lien Viet Post Bank in 2011. Currently, the bank has 76 branches in 63 different cities around Vietnam. Since signing a 50-year strategic cooperation agreement with Vietnam Post, LienVietPostBank has been the sole financial institution authorized to offer postal savings services and other banking services at Vietnam's more than 10,000 post offices. After 10 years in business, the brand's visual identity was updated in 2017–2018; the logo itself was not changed, but the text is now only in blue color.

A close up of the Lien Viet Post Bank logomark
Brand name
Lien Viet Post Bank
Financial Services
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Vietnam Market Entry
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Brand Refresh
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December 2017
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Lien Viet Post Bank
latest visual identity

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