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Vietravel Airlines latest logo and identity
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Let the kite fly free!

Vietravel Airlines latest logo and identity

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Last updated on
June 11, 2023

The Vietnamese airline Vietravel Airlines is a subsidiary of Vietravel Holdings. It is Vietnam's sixth airline brand and is closely linked to the tourist sector by offering domestic and international air transport services across Asia. After 25 years of sustainable growth, Vietravel's ecosystem is not complete without the addition of Vietravel Airlines, which plays a pivotal role in realizing the aviation dream and striving for exceptional values.

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Vietravel's original logo had a stylized rising kite, which served as the inspiration for this logo. The symbol is made up of two triangles linked at sharp angles to form the kite, which has been inverted so that its top point is now at the sky, representing the desire to fly and conquer the world. They also took a more modern approach to the typography utilized in the wordmark.

Both the original Vietravel logo and the current Vietravel Airlines logo
Both the original Vietravel logo and the current Vietravel Airlines logo

The brand is built on two main colors, yellow and blue, which represent the youth, vitality, and traditional beauty of Vietnam. Blue is inspired by the huge sky and ocean, while bright yellow represents wealth and class. 

The blue and yellow uniform of Vietravel Airlines
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Vietravel Airlines
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Vietnam Market Entry
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December 2020
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Vietravel Airlines
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