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RuNam new logo and visual identity
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The lullaby of the South

RuNam new logo and visual identity

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Last updated on
September 13, 2023

Established in 2013 in Vietnam, RuNam seamlessly weaves the luxury of a premium coffee experience with the authentic charms of Vietnamese heritage. Infused with the rich melodies of Vietnamese lullabies and the depth of the nation's cultural insights, RuNam positions itself not as a brand exclusive to the elite but rather as a gateway for all to savor a luxurious coffee experience.

RuNam new logo and visual identity

Their commitment shines through, not just in their adoration for Vietnamese coffee beans, but in their continuous innovation. RuNam pioneers with their distinct roasting technology, creating blends that cater to the Vietnamese palate. This promise of devotion, unmatched quality, and unique flavor makes every cup a journey that resonates with both local and international patrons.

RuNam new logo and visual identity

Recently, the brand elegantly evolved its identity. A subtle logo refresh and unifying various store types under the 'RuNam' name have further solidified its presence. As RuNam continues to offer a luxurious touch of Vietnam in every sip, stay tuned as we delve deeper into their story and bring forward more insights in the future.

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August 2022
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