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NovaLand introduced the NovaWorld sub-brand, designed in-house
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Luxary dounats in vibrant colours

NovaLand introduced the NovaWorld sub-brand, designed in-house

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June 11, 2023

NovaWorld is a tourism-health-resort real estate brand sponsored and developed in the Vietnamese real estate market by Novaland Group. Novaworld is being built on a big scale of 100-1000ha in floating economic zones such as NovaWorld Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan) and NovaWorld Ho Tram (Vietnam) (Ba Ria - Vung Tau). NOVA is an abbreviation for the Latin word "NOVATOR," which means "innovator/leader." NovaWorld is a world of exciting new discoveries.

Novaworld logo

The logo is described as a gateway opening to a world since it is inspired by panes of glass, solid, multi-colored windows, and the letter "O" positioned in the centre representing the image of the world. NovaWorld.
This world will provide customers with fantastic experiences while also providing attractive investment opportunities and allowing them to conveniently explore modern and diversified entertainment facilities. Furthermore, the letter O in "Universe" is highlighted when combining different colour arrays to create a marvellously amazing world that integrates all needs in life.

Novaworld real estate exhibition
Novaworld real estate exhibition
NovaWorld landmark signage
Brand name
Real Estate
Founded year
Vietnam Market Entry
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Project context
Release date
August 2020
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