Maycha new logo and visual identity
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Maycha new logo and visual identity

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June 11, 2024

Established in 2018, "Maycha" began its journey as a local milk tea brand in Ho Chi Minh City. Fast forward to today, and the brand has expanded to more than 45 branches throughout the city. Maycha Milk Tea stands out as one of the favored destinations for young people seeking delicious drinks. While its branding might not be industry-leading, the inherent symbolism has notably caught our attention.

MayCha new logo and visual identity

In Saigon, Maycha Milk Tea is recognized for its affordable drinks that carry a touch of Hong Kong style. For those who have a fondness for milk tea, Maycha stands out as a top choice. With a varied menu priced considerately for students, they offer a myriad of flavors complemented by an array of delightful toppings. People frequent Maycha not just for its beverages but also for their pronounced taste, budget-friendly prices, and vibrant ambiance.

MayCha logo history
Maycha new logo and visual identity
Maycha new logo and visual identity

Maycha's recent transformation has undeniably added more personality and uniqueness to its brand image. Their growth trajectory is impressive, showcasing significant potential for the future. They've mapped out strategies to expand their presence across various provinces in Vietnam, aiming to cater to the milk tea aficionados among the youth. Yet, when observing their broader visual identity across all brand touch points, there appears to be room for improvement and refinement. As the brand continues to evolve and mature, we hope to witness advancements in these aspects to further elevate their market stature.

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Milktea Franchise
Coffee Shops
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Vietnam Market Entry
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May 2023
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