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Marcel Restaurants Latest logo and identity

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A taste of the French vibe

Marcel Restaurants Latest logo and identity

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Last updated on
June 11, 2023

In 2017, Marcel Restaurants was established as the umbrella brand for a collection of French-inspired, story-driven restaurant concepts. Alex and Charles, the company's founders, entered the industry with the intention of creating their first business as a burger restaurant so that they could replicate the excellent burgers they had while in Paris and on their travels.

Alex and Charles, Marcel Restaurants founders
Alex and Charles, Marcel Restaurants founders

"Marcel" aspires to build memories by bringing people together over food and reminds people of an older generation, perhaps a grandpa or grandmother, who would assemble the whole family on a Sunday lunch to share some classic recipes fresh out of the oven.

The Marcel Restaurants family of brands and concepts

“Gourmet” is not just a tagline It’s the commitment to always put quality first, by selecting only the best ingredients and avoiding any shortcuts. Quality is not cheap, but it’s the key.

About Marcel Restaurants

Marcel's Cafe and Gourmet Burger in Thao Dien
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Marcel Restaurants
Hospitality F&B
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Vietnam Market Entry
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August 2017
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Marcel Restaurants
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