Rooster Beers new logo and identity designed by Rice Studios
Rooster Beers
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Be simple, be proud like a rooster

Rooster Beers new logo and identity designed by Rice Studios

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August 16, 2023

Rooster Beers, formerly known as "Phat Rooster Ales," set out to provide approachable craft beers that everybody could enjoy. Within this objective, Rice Creative saw an opportunity to rebrand the business as a more straightforward, locally relevant, and traditional brew for Vietnam.

Rooster Beers logo rooster icon

In Vietnam, the rooster is an omnipresent symbol, as partner and creative director at Rice Creative, Joshua Breidenbach, puts it. Despite the rooster's cosy rural connotations, urban dwellers are just as likely to encounter the bird and its distinctive crow.

Simply getting the beer around town was advertising. We conceptualised, designed, and produced the "Rooster Delivery Team," with bold jumpsuits and matching bikes. The cans of Rooster's classic range of beers meant a major step forward in bringing craft beer to the mass market. Down to earth copywriting was delivered via a low-budget marketing campaign consisting of stickers, coasters, and brightly coloured merchandise.

Rooster Beers case study

Rooster Beer sought for a logo packaging and brand identity that reflected the company's brewing philosophy and product offerings. Rice chose a nationalistic colour scheme for the brand, with a startlingly bright mix of yellow and red. The typeface is bold and functional; it would work well both on a huge billboard and in digital settings.

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Brand name
Rooster Beers
Food and Beverage
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Vietnam Market Entry
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September 2017
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