Hedon Winehub's new logo and visual identity X Creatalk
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Hedon Winehub's new logo and visual identity X Creatalk

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April 12, 2024

Established in 2020, Hedon started in the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh City as Hedonism Wine Hub. More than just a wine retailer, Hedon provided a space where wine enthusiasts could enjoy their chosen bottles right in the shop. As the brand grew, it became clear that a unique identity was necessary to connect with its customers and stand out in the competitive market.

Hedon Winehub's new logo and visual identity X Creatalk

In the beginning, Hedon's visual identity was generic, similar to many businesses in its sector. But as the brand got to know its customers better, the need for a standout identity became more important. This is where Creatalk stepped in, tasked with reshaping Hedon's identity to ensure its growth and deeper connection with its audience.

Hedon Winehub's new logo and visual identity X Creatalk

To help Hedon become a "top-of-mind" brand, the new identity had to reflect more than just wine retailing and serving. It was about capturing the essence of wine as a "special gift" that enhances life's experiences, drawing inspiration from the philosophy of "Hedonism" which emphasizes pleasure and enjoyment.

Hedon Winehub's new logo and visual identity X Creatalk

The redesigned logo incorporated symbols of a wine glass and bottle, emblematic of Hedon's offerings. The color palette, capturing moments like Afternoon, Sunset, Evening, and Night, formed the core of Hedon's renewed brand identity.

Creatalk's expertise seamlessly integrated Hedon's essence with its brand philosophy. The outcome was a vibrant and expert visual identity system that captivated Hedon's target audience. Additionally, Hedon's stationery and merchandise were reimagined to mirror the brand's dual sectors - Retail and F&B. Each item was thoughtfully designed to provide an enjoyable user experience, aligning with Hedon's brand spirit.

All in all, Hedon's transformation from a basic wine retailer to a brand that embodies pleasure and enjoyment highlights the power of branding and understanding one's audience. With Creatalk's guidance, Hedon is set to elevate the wine experience for its patrons.

Hedon Winehub's new logo and visual identity X Creatalk

Project Credits

Project Management Team: Vy Nguyen, Hieu Duong | Strategist: Nghia Pham | Creative Team: Khoi Pham, Thuy Ninh, My Du | Content: Anh Vu, Hieu Duong | Design & Motion: Thuy Ninh, My Du, Ngoc Pham

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Hedon Winehub
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Vietnam Market Entry
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April 2023
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