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Nguyen Kim new logo and visual identity

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June 11, 2024

Founded in 1992, Nguyen Kim has grown to become one of Vietnam's leading retail brands in the electronics industry. With over 70 stores and a burgeoning e-commerce channel, the company established itself as a trusted provider of a wide range of products. It stood as the number one retailer of consumer electronics in Vietnam in 2010, according to a Nielsen survey. By 2015, it held a market share of 12%, leading the electronics retail industry.

Despite its dominance, the dynamic and competitive landscape of the retail industry prompted Nguyen Kim to reassess its brand and identity. As the competition rose, the company saw itself drop from the top position to the 7th place. The rise of e-commerce platforms and competitors like Dien May Xanh, which quickly expanded its footprint and claimed a 38% market share, put significant pressure on Nguyen Kim.

Recognizing the need to better resonate with the younger generation and those with modern lifestyles, Nguyen Kim underwent a significant transformation in 2019. It unveiled a fresh, dynamic, and more modern logo to align with its target market. This change wasn't merely cosmetic but reflected a broader shift in Nguyen Kim's approach.

The brand intended to bring technology closer to everyone, especially the new generation of consumers, and strengthen its position as a trusted and accessible provider of electronics. The new identity reflected this commitment, with the brand becoming more friendly and accessible to the evolving consumer base.

Parallel to this rebranding, Nguyen Kim initiated promotional campaigns through traditional channels and social media, leveraging influencers to reach younger audiences effectively. It also introduced customer care policies, such as free one-week product trials, free one-year warranty, and one-for-one product replacements within one year.

Despite facing fierce competition and challenges, Nguyen Kim managed to leverage its long-standing reputation and adapt to the new generation of consumers. Its rebranding in 2019 reflected its strategic efforts to stay relevant in a changing market. Today, Nguyen Kim holds the 3rd position in the market. Its commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality products remains its core strength, driving its ongoing efforts to regain its position at the top of Vietnam's electronics retail market.

Nguyen Kim's journey demonstrates the importance of continuous innovation and adaptation in navigating market changes. While rebranding and targeted promotional campaigns helped the brand connect with younger demographics, the rapid growth of e-commerce highlighted the need for a stronger online presence. The case of Nguyen Kim reaffirms that understanding and meeting evolving customer needs are crucial for success in a competitive industry.

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