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Ngọc Thẩm Jewelry new logo and identity X M — N Associates

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Honoring decades of craftsmanship

Ngọc Thẩm Jewelry new logo and identity X M — N Associates

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Last updated on
May 17, 2023

Ngọc Thẩm Jewelry (NTJ), established in 1989 with the first jewelry store in My Tho city (Tien Giang). Nowadays and after 3 decades. NTJ aspires to become a leading jewelry supplier in Vietnam and the international market. M — N Associates helped bring this vision to life by transforming NTJ image with a higher level of professionalism and creativity to convey the new directions and future development.

Ngọc Thẩm Jewelry (NTJ) logo transformation
Ngọc Thẩm Jewelry (NTJ) store experience
Inspired by NTJ's first glass signboard, the shining star and crown were chosen as key images for the brand identity. The stylized four-pointed star is a symbol for the sparkling light of jewelry and the Vietnamese beauty that NTJ always honors. The image of the three-sided crown is the convergence of three key principles that affirm the NTJ brand value and aspiration to become a leading jeweler in Vietnam.

About Ngọc Thẩm Jewelry (Tiếng Việt)
Ngọc Thẩm Jewelry (NTJ) icon closer look
Brand Portfolio and Hierarchy
Ngọc Thẩm Jewelry (NTJ)'s visual identity and design awards
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Brand name
Ngọc Thẩm Jewelry (NTJ)
Founded year
Vietnam Market Entry
Origin country
Project context
Release date
October 2020
Signature color
Ngọc Thẩm Jewelry (NTJ)
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