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Golden Gate Group new logo and visual identity

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June 11, 2024

Established in 2005, Golden Gate Group Joint Stock Company, simply known as Golden Gate, is a leading pioneer in the restaurant chain industry in Vietnam. Specializing in five main culinary styles: Hot Pot, Grill, Asian, European, and Quick Bites including tea, coffee, and fast food, Golden Gate has made significant strides in the culinary world. Over the years, the company has expanded to own 23 distinct brands with more than 450 diverse-style restaurants distributed across nearly 50 provinces and cities. Golden Gate serves more than 18 million customers annually and continues to actively expand and grow.

Golden Gate Group main logo.
Golden Gate Group main logo.

From its humble beginnings as a culinary start-up with the opening of the Ashima mushroom hotpot restaurant in Hanoi in 2005, Golden Gate has constantly striven to develop more. A trailblazer in implementing the restaurant chain model in Vietnam, Golden Gate's expansive portfolio stands testament to its commitment to diverse culinary styles and unmatched service.

Vuvuzela experience - a Golden Gate Group restaurant.

However, on June 6, 2023, Golden Gate embarked on a transformative journey. For the first time in its 18-year history, the company announced an official change in its brand identity and logo. This change is not merely cosmetic but a powerful affirmation of Golden Gate's vision for the future - to take Vietnamese cuisine to the world while simultaneously bringing international culinary models to Vietnam.

Timeline for the launch of Golden Gate Group restaurant brands
Timeline for the launch of Golden Gate Group restaurant brands.

The new brand identity retains the familiar image that simulates the letter "G" in the Golden Gate, but now with an arrow pointing straight to the circle in the middle, symbolizing the opening of the golden gate towards greater value for customers and the community. This change in the brand name and logo communicates Golden Gate's ambitious vision with more strength and clarity.

Golden Gate Group has introduced a new logo mark - symbol.

Central to Golden Gate's rebranding and future vision is the preservation of its core philosophy - "Improve the quality of life". This philosophy is deeply embedded in every decision and action of the company. Improving the quality of life signifies not just delivering impeccable dining experiences but also upholding respect for people and serving the community.

Manwah experience - a Golden Gate Group restaurant.
Manwah experience - a Golden Gate Group restaurant.

" We believe that Vietnamese cuisine has great potential and can compete in the international market with the values ​​of diverse flavors, fresh ingredients. delicious and delicate in the way of cooking. In addition to bringing Vietnamese cuisine to the world, we will also bring the culinary model of the world to Vietnam. Golden Gate has and will continue to create culinary spaces that are modern, creative and suitable for the needs of customers.”

Mr. Dao The Vinh - General Director

Hutong space design - a Golden Gate Group restaurant.
Hutong space design - a Golden Gate Group restaurant.

This rebranding signifies a major step in Golden Gate's journey, realigning its brand identity with its core philosophy and global aspirations. We look forward to bringing more updates on the company's progress under its new identity in the future as more information becomes available.

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