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Dao House new logo, identity and space X The Lab Saigon

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What if the Lords are still among us?

Dao House new logo, identity and space X The Lab Saigon

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November 4, 2023

Located in the heart of Saigon and designed to seem like a small Hue royal palace, Dao House is an eatery and bar that aims to provide the locals with a unique entertainment complex that successfully combines the best of both the traditional and contemporary cultures. Different activities take place on each of Dao House's two levels. Sky Bar Vong Nguyet Lau, located on the top level of Dao House, offers stunning views of Saigon below. The Vu Dai In-House Club can be found on the lower level, and it serves tapas in the tradition Central-style. With help from The Lab Saigon in making all of that a reality.

Type and iconography design inspired by logographic Chữ Nôm and find itself throughout the space and collaterals. DAO HOUSE (or as we like to call it HOUSE OF DAO) is a spatial and branding project that takes inspiration from Dynastic Vietnam, and carefully carries it to this century. We’re not trying to recreate it. Instead, we imagine what the lords would have done if they had access to new materials and aware of new experiences and taste.

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Design of the bar area within the Dao House

The main bar and the private lounge are separated by a succession of traditional-style doors ("cửa bức bàn") that create passageways through which the service staff can move freely.

The custom Dao House illustrations reinterpret the nightlife of today through the utilization of traditional compositions. Gradations in the brand's hues also serve to set it apart. The artwork is featured on printed collaterals, door frame ornaments and decorations.

Traditional compositions are used in the illustrations for Dao House


Spatial Design: Thu Le (Sr) | Spatial Support: Hung Le (Sr),Tram Dang, Naomi Nguyen, Hiep Tran | Graphic Design: Andree, Thanh Hoa, Eve Tran | Producer:Tin Do, Kai Le, Hanh Le, Tam Chau | Creative Director: Tuan Le | Account Director: Phuong Anh Nguyen | Account Manager: Huyen Vo |  Account Executive: Anh Nguyen,Trang Nguyen | Photography: @khoqua.studio | Documentation: Tuan Ha, Kho Qua | Model:@baotram | Makeup: @hien_korea | Wardrobe: @fanci.club | Builder: Tbd Construction

Brand Portfolio and Hierarchy
Đào House's visual identity and design awards
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Brand name
Đào House
Cocktail Bar
Founded year
Vietnam Market Entry
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Release date
June 2022
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Đào House
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