STADA Vietnam relaunched as STELLA Pharma X Bratus
Stella Pharma
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Star of the Pharmaceutical Industry

STADA Vietnam relaunched as STELLA Pharma X Bratus

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June 5, 2024

Originally launched in 2000 under the name STADA, the company has since formally relaunched as STELLA Pharma as of August 19, 2019. This new brand's basis, including its visual identity, packaging, and design, was built by Bratus in a collaborative effort. Stella is a major player in the Vietnamese pharmaceutical market and a reliable source of anti-viral medications. STELLA says that its prescription and over-the-counter medications are used by millions of patients in more than 50 countries throughout the world, with a particular emphasis on the treatment of cardiovascular illnesses, viruses, diabetes, and other metabolic disorders.

STELLA Pharma logo analysis
STELLA Pharma logo analysis

The new brand, which symbolizes "The Star of the Pharmaceutical Industry," represents the continuity of Stada Vietnam's achievements over the past two decades. The logo draws from several different symbols: the shield, for security; the heart, for emotion; the cross, for the medical field; and the star, for hope and faith. Stella Pharm's new logo represents the company's dedication to product quality and the entire meaning and principles that serve as a guide for all of the company's endeavors.

STELLA Pharma logo design process
STELLA Pharma logo design process

STELLA Pharma key visual design process
STELLA Pharma key visual design process

Bratus created a key visual system for 12 different medical categories, such as joints and bones, cells, microbes, the immune system, genetic chromosomes, neurological disorders, and the stomach. This abstract geometric language was based on the idea of human organ systems and drug treatment. This design system makes the packaging contents clearer and more consistent, which makes it easier for pharmacists to put things in groups and tell different doses apart.

STELLA Pharma key visual geometric forms exploration

We helped define the new packaging, forward-looking brand with research, science, technology at its heart, and the purpose of creating hope and a better future for people. The design uses an abstract visual to show the cure diseases process. Thus, that customers easily recognize the medicines, however, do not have negative feelings to use. All products are packed in bright, striking packaging, where each category has its color. The focus is on the ”human organ systems & transformation system” and is consistently displayed in various patterns to demonstrate the effect of the products visually.

Stella packaging refresh case study

Stella Pharma brand assets and applications
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Stella Pharma brand evolution
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Brand Portfolio and Hierarchy
Brand name
Stella Pharma
Health & Wellness
Founded year
Vietnam Market Entry
Origin country
Project context
Release date
August 2019
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Creative Director/Designer: Jimmi Tuan | Senior Graphic Designer: Si Tran, Trang Pham | Showcase/3D & 2D Animation: Khoa Nguyen, Si Tran | Product Set Design: Jimmi Tuan | Account Manager: Hien Nguyen

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