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Omix organic fertilizer new logo and identity X Bratus
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Guardians of the harvest

Omix organic fertilizer new logo and identity X Bratus

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June 11, 2023

Formed in 1999 as Long Khanh Fertilizer with the motto "brand reputation is the top goal," Omix organic fertiliser has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Many Vietnamese farmers have already familiar of and are using many Omix products. With the help of Bratus, they revamped the brand in 2015.

Omix packaging transformation
Omix logo sketch

Our main concept was inspired from the original land of Omix, Dong Nai province located Northeast of Ho Chi Minh City. Dong Nai was well-known about the deer habitat in the past. Wherever the deer live, crops are abundant and green. To the farmers, deers are the guardian of nature bringing the hope for a good harvest. The Vietnamese word Nai (English: Deer) symbolizes the fortune, blessings, and prosperity. They are also friendly and pleasant animal that can deliver a positive message of the brand. That is the reason why we decided to call the product “Phân bón hiệu con nai” (English: Deer Fertilizers) which is simple and memorable.

Omix Case study

Impressive tree-leaf-shadow design on the Omix envelope

Omix branded stationery set

In order to stand out from the competition and attract clients, the new Omix packaging system features three separate colour schemes for their mineral, compound, and bio-organic fertilisers. The chosen typeface is a simple sans-serif style with clean lines. Images, text, slogans, and explanations of the product's qualities are all presented in a contrasting arrangement.  Bags can be used in a variety of ways, from carrying groceries to protecting you from the weather.

Omix packaging transformation

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