KiotViet Software new logo and visual identity X Bratus
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KiotViet Software new logo and visual identity X Bratus

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May 25, 2024

KiotViet Software has quickly become the go-to sales management solution in Vietnam, boasting over 200,000 traders as users. It's not just any software; it's the heart of Vietnam's sales management, catering to a broad spectrum from retail and wholesale to niche markets like cafes, bars, and even hotels. This diversity showcases its strength as the main SaaS (Software as a Service) product, offering unparalleled adaptability and customization across various industries.

Started as a flagship product from Citigo Software, KiotViet was on a mission to simplify business operations for small and medium businesses. The software's ability to mold itself to fit the unique demands of different sectors, including supermarkets, milk tea shops, and even salones, speaks volumes about its versatility. It's this SaaS model that has enabled KiotViet to integrate seamlessly into the daily operations of businesses, providing a solid foundation for services to flourish.

KiotViet Software new logo and visual identity X Bratus

The rebranding journey of KiotViet played a crucial role in the software's ascent to the top. The new brand identity was not just a facelift but a strategic move that equipped this leading SaaS solution with a dynamic identity system. This system is designed to evolve, accommodating the ever-changing landscape of business tools and applications across multiple industries, making it as user-friendly for staff as it is for managers.

One of the biggest challenges for SaaS solutions like KiotViet is maintaining a balance between being generic enough for broad appeal and specific enough to meet individual industry needs. Bratus tackled this challenge head-on by developing a visual identity system that emphasizes flexibility and consistency. This system cleverly uses interchangeable template segments and symbols to craft distinct product app logos and industry-specific visuals, ensuring KiotViet remains relevant and recognizable.

The genius of KiotViet's visual identity system lies in its ability to adapt and grow. It's crafted to support future expansions and new service integrations, guaranteeing that KiotViet can continue to evolve without losing its essence. This foresight ensures that as the business landscape transforms, KiotViet's identity and offerings will too, seamlessly aligning with the needs and challenges of its users. This adaptability is what sets KiotViet apart, making it not just a software solution but a comprehensive service platform ready to tackle the future of sales management in Vietnam.

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KiotViet Brand Portfolio and Hierarchy
Brand name
KiotViet Software
SaaS Development
Founded year
Vietnam Market Entry
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Release date
December 2022
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Branding Agency: Bratus Agency
Creative Director/Brand Designer: Jimmi Tuan
Project Manager: Hien Nguyen
Project Lead: X.Hoang
Senior Designer: X.Hoang, Nam Nguy
Showcase Direction: Nam Nguy
Visual Animation: Le Quy, Si Tran
Identity Film Story Board: Jimmi Tuan
Identity Film Animation: Si Tran, Le Quy

Special thanks to the KiotViet Project Team
Tran Quynh Hoa - Chief Marketing Officer
Le Vu Phuong Uyen - Marketing Manager
Nguyen Van Nam - Marketing KV Manager
Vu Thanh - Product Design Manager

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