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Since 1998, the Vietnamese heritage bakery brand, Kinh Do, has consistently delivered its finest products. Particularly renowned during the mid-autumn festival, Kinh Do offers an extensive selection of beautifully presented mooncakes, thoughtfully designed for gifting—suitable for professionals, friends, and families alike. To consistently captivate consumers each year as they seek meaningful gifts for the festive occasion, Kinh Do continually develops fresh and innovative packaging designs applied across its extensive product portfolio.

Mondelez Kinh Do 25th Anniversary Mooncake packaging x Cowan

In 2023, as Kinh Do marked its 25th anniversary, the brand aimed to craft distinctive packaging to honour this significant milestone and evoke memories of its rich history intertwined with the mooncake festival. Cowan, an international brand design agency and a longstanding partner of Mondelez Kinh Do in Vietnam, undertook the responsibility to seamlessly merge tradition and technology. The goal was to produce a visually striking design that leverages Kinh Do's brand assets, notably the iconic moon device.

Mondelez Kinh Do 25th anniversary mooncake packaging x Cowan

For years, Kinh Do has been a provider of mooncakes, catering to people across Vietnam during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The brand caters to a diverse consumer base, offering products ranging from economy to high-class premium, suitable for various purposes— from personal enjoyment to thoughtful gifting. Drawing inspiration from Kinh Do's iconic moon device, Cowan's design team conceived the overarching theme of "Glow of Festivity." This concept encapsulates the love and light inherent in the festival, portraying Kinh Do as an integral component of the celebration that brings families and loved ones together.

Mondelez Kinh Do 25th anniversary mooncake packaging x Cowan

Cowan strategically placed the moon device at the heart of the packaging, allowing the narrative of "Glow of Festivity" to come alive during the Mid-Autumn Festival. This approach ensures a cohesive and consistent design across the entire Kinh Do mooncake portfolio.

Mondelez Kinh Do 25th anniversary mooncake packaging x Cowan

To embody the concept of the "Glow of Festivity," each packaging design features a distinctive modern illustration that collaborates with the moon device, creatively portraying the notion of "glowing" through diverse production techniques, including the use of gold foil finishing.

Mondelez Kinh Do 25th anniversary mooncake packaging x Cowan

To commemorate Kinh Do 25th anniversary, we have created a limited-edition packaging to celebrate this important milestone and remind consumers of its history and relationship with the Mooncake Festival. This project started with a big idea that led us to explore category-breaking packaging design and techniques using paper and cards that could offer a new fresh approach.

Mondelez Kinh Do 25th anniversary mooncake packaging x Cowan

Our design team drew inspiration from the developed big idea of “Glow of Festivity”, we created a design that generates interest from a younger audience, and we incorporated an interactive packaging solution that illuminates and “glows” with the simple use of a mobile phone’s torchlight to create an engaging and meaningful activity. The light passes through layers of illustrations, illuminating the moon device at the heart of the pack design and revealing a compelling narrative to the audience.

With this new launch, Kinh Do excelled in reviving the cherished tradition post-COVID, receiving positive feedback from consumers and retailpartners. The acclaim revolves around brand consistency, dedicated finishingeffects, and a premium look and feel, especially appealing for gifting purposes.

Mondelez Kinh Do 25th anniversary mooncake packaging x Cowan
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Kinh Do 25th Anniversary Mooncake
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Mondelez Kinh Do
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Jul 2023
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