On the evening of October 23, 2022, acclaimed artist Duc Phuc, in collaboration with Mew Amazing, unveiled a music video titled "Going to Love Everyone with Lof Malto." Crafted specifically for the Gen Z audience, the song served as a heartfelt message of empathy and understanding for the unique challenges and pressures faced by this generation.

Following this introductory video, the campaign featured a complementary online TVCs spotlighting the Malto Gang characters, bringing them to life and adding another layer of engagement for the audience.

To round out this captivating multimedia campaign, a special adaptation of "Going to Love Everyone with Lof Malto" was released to celebrate the Tet Festival. This version not only paid homage to the traditional festivities but also encapsulated the essence of the brand and its resonance with the young generation.

Project NAme
Going to Love Everyone
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Publish date
Oct 2022
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Music Video (MV)
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