Bakes' inaugural flagship store, beautifully encapsulated by The Lab Saigon's brand interior design, offers a deep dive into the philosophy of the French pâtisserie: pastries, akin to love, should be simple, thoughtful, and authentic. Embodying this ethos, the design unveils a brand devoid of pretense, ensuring that transparency reigns supreme from its packaging right down to its architectural core.

At the very outset, the facade's utilization of glass and ceiling mirrors offers a tantalizing glimpse into Bakes' operations, drawing patrons in with the allure of witnessing the meticulous pastry-making process firsthand.

This flagship store, with its towering double-height windows and a ceiling mirror, stands as an invitation for onlookers to be a part of Bakes' culinary journey, fostering a connection between the artisans and the admirers. Furthermore, the stone facade, echoing the architectural essence of the nearby Turtle Lake, fortifies this bond with the locale.

Within the store, an intriguing design element is the undulating stone wall. Its inspiration, again drawn from the Turtle Lake neighborhood's architectural demeanor, not only adds an aesthetic dimension but also serves a functional purpose.

The wall's fluid design transforms into a dynamic shelving system, adjusting seamlessly to various merchandise displays. Positioned centrally, a stone island becomes the focal point, parading the delectable pastries.

But this island does more than just showcase pastries; it subtly honors the University of Architecture. Displaying miniature architectural models, it's a sentimental tribute to the nearby institution where several staff members pursued their academic journeys.

Every piece of custom furniture in the store also pays homage to the surrounding Turtle Lake architecture.

The neighborhood's architectural spirit is consistently interwoven into the store's design narrative, ensuring that Bakes is not just a place to savor pastries but also a space that celebrates its environment and heritage.


Creative Director: Tuan Le | Spatial Designers: Tomas Tran, Tram Dang, Trung Tran, Naomi Nguyen | Production Director: Nhung Ho | Graphic Designers: Trang Dinh,Tran N Nguyen, Jay Vu | Illustrator: Hung Le (Reo) | Junior Motion Graphic: Tuan Le | Photographer: Do Sy, Thuy Truc, Kai Nguyen, Duong Gia Hieu | Production: Phuong Anh Nguyen, Hanh Le | Account Director: Phuong Anh Nguyen | Project Manager: Huyen Vo, Khoa Do | Strategists: Ly Tong, Tuan Dao | Documentation Support: Andree Nguyen, Kai Nguyen, Khe Nguyen | Build: Tbd Construction

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Bakes Flagship Turtle Lake
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Sep 2020
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Spatial Design
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