Ha Chuc Cascara Tea new logo and visual identity
Ha Chuc Tea
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Ha Chuc Cascara Tea new logo and visual identity

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July 22, 2024
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In 2021, Minh Tien Coffee ventured into a new product category with the launch of Ha Chuc Cascara Tea. This move signaled a focus on innovation and sustainability, leveraging a previously underutilized byproduct of coffee production – the coffee cherry husk. By doing so, Minh Tien Coffee aims to reduce waste, create additional revenue streams for coffee farmers, and introduce a unique and healthful beverage to the market.

Ha Chuc Cascara Tea new logo and visual identity

The Ha Chuc Tea brand centers on themes of health, purity, and sustainability. Their core values are evident in their "5-no standard" (no preservatives, coloring, genetic modification, flavoring, or refined sugar). The narrative is all about the transformation of a humble coffee byproduct into a unique and beneficial beverage, aligning with a growing desire for natural, ethically sourced products.

Ha Chuc Cascara Tea new logo and visual identity

They position themselves as a premium, niche offering within the tea market. It targets health-conscious consumers who appreciate innovative and sustainable products, along with those who have a taste for tradition and sophistication. The tea's unique origin story, focus on quality ingredients, and sophisticated flavor profiles differentiate it from mainstream tea brands.

Ha Chuc Cascara Tea new logo and visual identity

Ha Chuc Cascara Tea's brand identity blends tradition and innovation. Their serif logo with triangular edges evokes a sense of classicism and strength, reflecting the brand's values. Well-crafted illustrations of various botanicals highlight the natural ingredients and distinct flavor profiles.

Ha Chuc Cascara Tea new logo and visual identity

The use of classic Asian tea sets, traditional fabrics, and a rich, earthy color palette with dark greens and browns reinforces a sense of heritage and timelessness. These visual choices communicate a desire for a calming, introspective tea experience rooted in both purity and a touch of luxury.

Ha Chuc Cascara Tea new logo and visual identity

Ha Chuc Cascara Tea's brand identity weaves a narrative of heritage, innovation, and wellness. The traditional visual elements, focus on naturalness, and sophisticated details convey a premium experience rooted in time-honored practices. The brand's success will likely depend on its ability to educate consumers about the unique nature of cascara while emphasizing its commitment to quality and the luxurious yet grounded sensory experience it offers.

Ha Chuc Cascara Tea new logo and visual identity

Ha Chuc Cascara Tea, a sub-brand under the Minh Tien Coffee Group, has made a notable mark in the specialty tea market with its flagship product line. This line masterfully transforms the often-discarded coffee cherry husk into a unique and flavorful beverage. Ha Chuc Cascara Tea is available in three distinct flavor profiles, catering to a range of preferences.

The Fruit Cascara Tea presents a refreshing blend of tangy fruit notes and the subtle sweetness of the coffee cherry husk. For a delicate and soothing option, the Chrysanthemum Cascara Tea offers a light floral aroma and gentle sweetness. Lastly, the Herbal Cascara Tea delivers a bolder flavor profile with rich hints of cinnamon, anise, and a complex herbal undertone.

Ha Chuc Cascara Tea's packaging design showcases a thoughtful blend of tradition and modernity. Visually appealing illustrations highlight the key ingredients within each blend, offering both a visual cue to the flavor and an emphasis on naturalness. Unique color palettes for each flavor variant enhance both the product line's visual appeal and consumer ease when making selections.

The Ha Chuc Cascara Tea line exemplifies Minh Tien Coffee's dedication to quality, sustainability, and innovation.  Their ability to repurpose an underutilized byproduct into a delicious and healthy product, along with their attention to flavor variety and packaging design, make this a compelling case study for both beverage researchers and designers interested in the Vietnamese market.

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Ha Chuc Tea (Cascara Tea)
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Vietnam Market Entry
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January 2021
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Photography: Hung Vu Thanh

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