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From the moment you land on the revamped We Create Content (WCC) website, it's clear you're experiencing something special, something that transcends traditional digital landscapes. This is not just a website; it's a visual and interactive storytelling of WCC's profound understanding of Vietnam's vibrant culture, achieved through a recent redesign that flawlessly incorporates their new branding elements. The bold hues that greet you aren't just colors; they're the essence of Vietnam's rich cultural tapestry, seamlessly integrated into the digital experience, making every click a delightful anticipation of what's next.

We Create Content new website design X Collective Design Agency

The ingenuity of WCC's rebrand is most evident in its typographical choices, something that shines throughout the website. The headlines, donned in the quirky yet classical "Quincy CF," immediately imbue a sense of welcoming familiarity, while the body text in "Be Vietnam Pro" ensures crystal-clear readability. It's this harmonious dance between the fonts that not only guides you through the content but also narrates the story of a brand deeply rooted in its local context yet ambitious in its global outlook.

We Create Content new website design X Collective Design Agency

What's particularly striking is the website's use of dynamic graphic elements and photography. You're not just scrolling through a site; you're navigating through a digital art gallery where each graphic, inspired by the unique diacritical marks of the Vietnamese language, tells its own story. The imagery, raw and unfiltered, captures your attention, transporting you to the streets of Vietnam and making you a participant in its everyday tales. This isn't your standard stock photography; this is a glimpse into the soul of a nation, and by extension, the soul of WCC.

All in all, the redesigned WCC website is a masterclass in digital branding cohesion. Every element, from the color palette and typography to the dynamic graphics and adaptable logo, works in concert to craft a digital experience that's as enriching as it is efficient. The site doesn't just communicate information; it engages, persuades, and, most importantly, narrates the multifaceted story of WCC. It's a testament to what can be achieved when brand identity is not just an afterthought, but the driving force behind digital design—a symphony of visuals, usability, and storytelling that collectively paints a vivid picture of not just a brand, but of a culture, a people, and a nation.

We Create Content new website design X Collective Design Agency
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We Create Content
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Oct 2023
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