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Ngoc Suong new logo and identity X InSpace creative

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Ngoc Suong Saigon

Ngoc Suong new logo and identity X InSpace creative

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Last updated on
June 11, 2023

From 1955, when the name Ngoc Suong was born and then became known for its renewed unique seafood dishes on the coast of Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa province, to 1990, when the first restaurant was established in Ho Chi Minh City, and through four generations of innovations, the food story of Ngoc Suong restaurant has always been founded on the principles of river - mountain - sky - and the Vietnamese people. The iconic Ngoc Suong Fish Carpaccio embodies the preceding generations' balanced life ethic. The Foie gras cotton candy transports us back to our childhood. The Dawn drink then draws a picture of a sprout reaching for the sun through layers of hard rocks.

Ngoc Suong restaurant logo
Ngoc Suong restaurant logo

The design of Ngoc Suong cool camp's windmill has grown associated with Ngoc Suong family tradition and has become a familiar and vital symbol. As a result, the main Ngoc Suong sign was chosen as a stylized windmill image from 12 boats heading forward, indicating 12 months of smooth sailing and strong commerce for Ngoc Suong Saigon.

Ngoc Suong windmill symbol

Ngoc Suong cuisine dishes and table branding
Ngoc Suong cuisine dishes and table branding

We create a visual set from restaurant images and specific seafood, then combine them into a flexible layout to apply to publications including what, T-shirts, and publications. other gift products.

Ngoc Suong Since 1955 - Special Gift - Behance
Ngoc Suong Since 1955 - Special Gift
Ngoc Suong Since 1955 - Special Gift
Brand Portfolio and Hierarchy
Ngoc Suong's visual identity and design awards
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Brand name
Ngoc Suong
Fine Dining
Founded year
Vietnam Market Entry
Origin country
Project context
Release date
February 2018
Signature color
Ngoc Suong
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