Minh Tien Coffee new logo and visual identity X Bratus
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Minh Tien Coffee new logo and visual identity X Bratus

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July 3, 2024
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Nestled in the fog-covered mountains of Vietnam, Minh Tinh Coffee emerged as a vital arm of the Minh Tinh Group, a beacon of quality and tradition in the Vietnamese coffee industry. The brand developed under the expert guidance of Bratus and extends beyond a mere subsidiary; it embodies the group's overarching ethos and relentless pursuit of excellence. Seamlessly interwoven with the identity of Minh Tinh Group, Minh Tinh Coffee stands as a paragon of the group’s commitment to quality coffee production, crafting a narrative that resonates with both B2B operations and end consumers.

The story of Minh Tinh Coffee is inexorably linked to the transformation of the Son La region. Once a hidden gem in the world of coffee cultivation, Son La’s landscape was dramatically reshaped by Minh Tinh Coffee's innovative practices. Their introduction of sophisticated cultivation techniques and stringent quality control measures not only put Son La coffee on the global map but also revolutionized the socio-economic fabric of the region. The impact of Minh Tinh Coffee extended beyond the fields of coffee production, touching the lives of local farmers and enhancing their livelihoods and well-being in profound ways.

Minh Tien Coffee new logo and visual identity X Bratus

For nearly two decades, Minh Tinh Coffee has redefined the perception of Vietnamese coffee on the global stage. Their steadfast commitment to maintaining the highest standards from cultivation to cup has resulted in a product distinguished by its unique flavor profile. Embracing a sustainable and holistic approach, Minh Tinh Coffee integrates organic farming practices with local environmental conservation efforts. This commitment to sustainability is matched by a dedication to social responsibilities, including championing women's rights and educational initiatives and fostering a robust community spirit among its workforce.

Minh Tien Coffee new logo and visual identity X Bratus

In every batch of coffee, Minh Tinh Coffee captures the essence of the highlands – the sunshine, the meticulous care, and the passion for quality. These elements combine to produce coffee beans that are not just products but stories of tradition, craftsmanship, and dedication.

The strategic direction of Minh Tinh Coffee reflects a profound understanding of coffee's original essence. Through storytelling and engagement with the lives of people in the growing regions, Minh Tinh Coffee raises awareness and appreciation for the true values of coffee. This strategy is not just about selling a product; it's about connecting consumers with the journey of every bean, from the highland fields to their cups.

In the realm of branding, Minh Tinh Coffee not only echoes but also amplifies the visual and cultural ethos of the Minh Tinh Group. The brand identity of Minh Tinh Coffee, masterfully crafted by Bratus, resonates with authenticity and heritage. It captures the soul of the highlands and the essence of coffee cultivation, creating a visual language that is both diverse and cohesive. This identity, while aligned with the master brand, distinctively focuses on the coffee experience, making Minh Tinh Coffee a symbol of excellence and tradition in the Vietnamese coffee market.

Minh Tien Coffee new logo and visual identity X Bratus

The cultural fabric of Minh Tinh Coffee is woven with care, mirroring the brand’s ethos in its everyday operations. The company culture, infused with the brand concept, is not just an abstract idea but a living, breathing part of the company. It’s in the actions, decisions, and communications of every team member. This culture strengthens the brand's position in the market, ensuring Minh Tinh Coffee is recognized not just for its products but for its values and commitment to quality and sustainability.

Minh Tien Coffee new logo and visual identity X Bratus

The visual identity of Minh Tinh Coffee, a testament to the masterful branding by Bratus, is an exemplary implementation of Minh Tinh Group’s new identity. Each element, from the meticulously crafted logo to the thoughtfully chosen color palette and typography, harmonizes to create a brand experience that is both unique and familiar. This visual coherence ensures that Minh Tinh Coffee's identity is instantly recognizable, conveying the brand's story and values at every point of customer interaction.

Minh Tien Coffee new logo and visual identity X Bratus

Corporate identity elements, such as business stationery, manifest the brand's commitment to excellence and attention to detail. The brand's design concept, rooted in the highlands' geography, is cleverly integrated into these elements, creating a visual connection that reminds customers of Minh Tinh Coffee's journey from a regional coffee producer to a celebrated global brand.

Minh Tien Coffee new logo and visual identity X Bratus

The branding extends to every touchpoint in the supply chain, ensuring that the narrative of quality and heritage is consistently communicated. This approach goes beyond traditional branding practices, turning each touchpoint into a chapter of Minh Tinh Coffee's story.

The signage system, including billboards, processing facilities, coffee shops, and office branding, is meticulously designed to reflect the brand’s identity. This uniform visual communication strategy enhances brand recognition and ensures a consistent brand experience across all platforms.

Minh Tien Coffee new logo and visual identity X Bratus

The design of uniforms for Minh Tinh Coffee's diverse workforce is a reflection of the brand’s inclusive and comprehensive approach. From the engineers who oversee coffee production to the baristas who serve the final product, each uniform is a blend of functionality, style, and brand identity. These uniforms are not just attire; they are a statement of belonging and pride in the Minh Tinh Coffee family.

The brand’s communication strategy, through its messaging and visuals, is a testament to its evolved identity. Every message, every image, and every interaction is imbued with the essence of Minh Tinh Coffee—a brand that touches hearts and transcends the conventional boundaries of coffee business practices.

Minh Tien Coffee new logo and visual identity X Bratus

In editorial design, Minh Tinh Coffee's narrative comes to life in its company profile and marketing materials. Each page is not just a display of information but a visual journey that encapsulates the brand's essence. The design elements work in unison to tell the Minh Tinh Coffee story, engaging the reader and leaving a lasting impression.

Digitally, Minh Tinh Coffee’s website is a masterclass in brand storytelling. Each section of the site is a window into the world of Minh Tinh Coffee, offering users an immersive experience into the brand's philosophy, products, and values. The attention to detail in the website design reflects the brand's commitment to excellence and provides a virtual experience that parallels the physical enjoyment of a cup of Minh Tinh Coffee.

As we conclude the case study of Minh Tinh Coffee, it's evident that the brand stands as a beacon of innovation, quality, and community engagement in the Vietnamese coffee industry. The journey of Minh Tinh Coffee, under the Minh Tinh Group and with the expert branding guidance of Bratus, showcases a remarkable blend of tradition and modernity. This journey is not just about producing high-quality coffee; it represents a deeper commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and the upliftment of local communities. Minh Tinh Coffee, through its strategic initiatives and distinctive brand identity, has established itself as more than just a coffee producer; it has become a symbol of the rich coffee heritage of Vietnam and a driver of positive change in the industry.

The story of Minh Tinh Coffee is a testament to the power of thoughtful branding and strategic vision in transforming a business. As the brand moves forward, it continues to carry the essence of its origins in the highlands of Vietnam, while embracing innovative practices and expanding its global footprint. Minh Tinh Coffee's success story serves as an inspiration, demonstrating how a brand can maintain its core values while evolving to meet the challenges and opportunities of the modern market. As Minh Tinh Coffee continues to grow and thrive, it remains a shining example of how a brand can touch the hearts of its community and leave a lasting impact on the world stage.

Minh Tien Coffee new logo and visual identity X Bratus

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Brand Strategy: Jimmi Tuan | Project Manager: Hien Nguyen | Creative Director/Brand Designer: Jimmi Tuan | Data Collect: Alex Dang | Senior Designer: X-Hoang, Nam Nguy, Si Tran, Duc Bui, Alex Dang | Showcase/3D Animation: Si Tran, Le Quy, Nam Nguy | Story Board: Jimmi Tuan | Identity Film Motion: Si Tran, Le Quy, Khoa Nguyen | Photography: Marc Tran / Maki Studio

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