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Trăm Năm Sân Khấu new logo and visual identity X M — N Associates
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Century of red drapes

Trăm Năm Sân Khấu new logo and visual identity X M — N Associates

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Last updated on
June 11, 2023

Launched in 2023, Trăm Năm Sân Khấu, or Hundred Years of Theater, is a project dedicated to igniting a passion for theatrical art forms by sharing nostalgic perspectives, stories, and insights from behind the scenes. M — N Associates collaborated with other creative partners to develop the project's visual identity, which aimed to capture the essence of Vietnam's rich theatre history and showcase its performers' artistry.

Capturing the essence of the Vietnam's Cai Luong opera art.
Capturing the essence of the Vietnam's Cai Luong opera art.

The Trăm Năm Sân Khấu project aims to inspire and foster love for Vietnamese national art forms, with a focus on the Cai Luong Opera Art, known as the cradle of national art. The project was initiated by writer, journalist, and translator Binh Bong Bot, in collaboration with M — N Associates, Bot Creativity, Dentsu Redder, Sesame, HVF, and the Vietcetera team. The goal was to create an immersive experience that highlights the vibrant and captivating world of theater in Vietnam.

Trăm Năm Sân Khấu logo
Trăm Năm Sân Khấu logo

Drawing inspiration from the iconic symbol of Vietnamese theater culture – the red drapes that open and close to signify the beginning and end of each performance, M — N Associates designed a logotype that incorporates this motif. By shaping the letter "K" to resemble these classic curtains in a brilliant way, the logotype pays homage to the rich tradition of Vietnamese theatre. To emphasize the crucial role that the eyes play in conveying emotion and telling a story in theater, they focused on the art of makeup and its emphasis on the "acting eyes." This led to the creation of a new symbol that represents the Trăm Năm Sân Khấu project, showcasing the expressive power of theatre performers.

The "acting eyes." symbol
The "acting eyes." symbol

The branded overlay element featuring the drape pattern serves as an effective way to present information and content to the audience. This cohesive brand system aims to bring the enthralling world of theater to life, offering an immersive experience that showcases the rich history of Vietnamese theatrical art forms.

As part of the project, a podcast series was launched to share stories of the Cai Luong art form and further nurture love for ethnic art forms. This initiative offers an engaging and accessible way for audiences to connect with the history and traditions of Vietnamese theater.

By weaving the symbolic red drapes into the logotype, underscoring the pivotal role of 'acting eyes,' and devising a harmonious brand system, M — N Associates, fueled by their deep love for national theater culture and dedication to its preservation and enrichment, has successfully showcased the fascinating universe of Vietnamese theater.

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Trăm Năm Sân Khấu
Performing Arts
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Vietnam Market Entry
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March 2023
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Trăm Năm Sân Khấu
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