Rang & Brunch by Rang Rang Coffee, new logo and visual identity X InSpace
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Rang & Brunch by Rang Rang Coffee, new logo and visual identity X InSpace

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August 11, 2023

Rang Rang Coffee, renowned for its exceptional coffee and minimalist design, hosted a one-day event named "Rang & Brunch" on April 30, 2023. Adopting a sub-branding strategy, InSpace Creative masterfully designed the event's visual identity to establish a connection with the parent brand while carving out its own distinctive personality. This standout event featured specialty coffee, delicious food, and entertainment in an imaginatively designed space. The event was divided into various zones, harmoniously blending flavors, experiences, and music in a modern and sophisticated environment.

Animation of the Rang & Branch event logo.
Animation of the Rang & Branch event logo.

InSpace Creative developed a logo that perfectly captured the essence of both Rang Rang Coffee and the Rang & Brunch event. The tilted "C" and "G" letters added rhythm and emotion to the logo, while the incorporation of coffee bean imagery evoked a sense of delight. The coffee symbol subtly reminded us of the Mac Finder icon, but it was uniquely adapted to resemble a coffee bean in an ingenious way.

Explanation of the Rang & Brunch logo design
Explanation of the Rang & Brunch logo design.

Black, the parent brand's signature color was incorporated into the event's visual identity, paired with simple and sleek typography that maintained a connection to the parent brand. The outline illustrations added an engaging and cohesive touch, seamlessly complementing the logo and the overall visual identity.

sandwich wrapper dressed with Mr. Rang's artwork and event logo.
sandwich wrapper dressed with Mr. Rang's artwork and event logo.

The character "Mr. Rang" was also introduced to represent the spirit of "Rang & Brunch" and guide customers through their experience at the event. This personified character was skillfully integrated into various design elements, including cup designs, social media graphics, editorial work such as posters and menus, and even wayfinding signs. Mr. Rang was customized for different activities and expressions, making the event's identity emotional, coherent, and accessible to the audience. This playful and approachable character added a touch of fun and uniqueness, serving as a memorable visual element throughout the event and helping to create a captivating atmosphere for attendees.

Mr. Rang adapted his designs for specific uses and ways of expressing himself.

The event team crafted a friendly and engaging tone of voice, cleverly utilizing phrases inspired by Rang Rang Coffee's original message, "how you bean?" These imaginative expressions, such as "I've bean roasted!", "I've bean toasted!", and "I've bean chilled!", added a sense of playfulness and wit, further enhancing the event's appeal and inviting attendees to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

The Rang & Brunch event serves as a prime example of successful sub-branding for a branded event, showcasing exceptional creativity and engagement. This case study highlights the importance of applying creativity in every step of a brand's interaction with its target audience to create memorable customer experiences and build a loyal customer base. We are excited to see more innovative projects like this in the future, and we're sure this event left a lasting impression on everyone who attended.

Rang & Brunch posters decorate Rang & Brunch Coffee Shop's storefront window.


Creative Director: Sanh Nguyen | Art Director & Illustration Concept: Nhi Tuong | 3D Illustration: Phuong Vo | Animation: Duy Trinh, Trung Chau | Project Manager: Trang Ho | Photography by Rang Rang Coffee

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